I am a mother and wife to the two best guys on the planet. My favorite place is hanging on the beach with my husband and son, eating oysters and sipping on a cold drink. I am a little obsessed with my puppies, Sophie and Marti. They are truly my little babies.

As a small child I  always wanted to be an artist. I spent most of my youth painting and drawing. I began studying fine art photography in college. I pursued my love of photography and painting all the way through grad school. I worked in galleries, taught art classes to teens, yet never felt settled. I knew I loved art but hadn’t found my place in that world just yet.

On a random Saturday in 2004 a friend called and asked me to help her photograph a wedding. She totally bribed me with promises of Built to Spill at the Tabernacle after we were done. I went and suddenly  I WAS IN LOVE! Once we were in the car at the end of the day I looked at her and said “Why am I not doing this?” I quit my job 7 months later and began wholeheartedly pursuing my career. I have been in love with photographing weddings and lifestyle portraits ever since and am so happy that I took the risk to pursue happiness with my work.I am in love with photography. I love people and having a good time. If you want to feel some of those good vibes and jump in front of my lens I would love to hear from you!