CLASS: February meeting

I absolutely love love love our CLASS group! I am so glad that asked me to lead this group last spring. I love the relationships I have built with other photographers in the area and most of all the friendships I have gained. The dynamic of the group is so giving and supportive. It is something I count down the days for every month!

Last night we all got together and with the help of Lisa Housman learned tons about flash and how she is using it for some amazing photographs! We had a wonderful model and thanks to Lori from our group we had a super sparkly dress! This was truly a collaborative effort. Our model, Miranda, is the daughter of Michele, a CLASS group member, dress was from Lori, Miranda did her own makeup and I think once I retire from photography I will pursue cosmetology! Don’t you love her crazy hair style! I don’t think I did a bad job! Thanks to Lori, Julie and Danielle too for coming early to string up all the lights and set up the stands!

Lisa explained how she goes about setting up her exposure as well as all the equipment that she uses. There were lots of note taking and I think shopping lists being made! Then she so willingly took off her trigger and passed it around the group so that everyone had a turn with the model and could get a feel for using flash! I loved it! I think everyone learned a lot and some got some good refresher lessons.

Thank you Lisa for donating your time and knowledge to the group! Enjoy some of my photos last night! If you are a photographer and are interested in joining our group its FREE! You just have to show up! We meet monthly and cover different topics. Click HERE to join our Facebook group page! We would love to have you!


  • Sounds like so much fun! I wish ya’ll were closer so I could come!!!

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