Lifestyle: Carrie & Company

It had been well overdue to see my old friend Carrie! I was so thankful to travel to Michigan last week to work with the Michigan PPA group and in turn get to spend some time with Carrie! But Carrie was not alone! I got to meet her entire crew! She now is married to a great guy and has the most beautiful little boy named Teddy! What a perfect name! It was so amazing to spend time in their home and see their little man scooting around on the floor! Carrie is an amazing senior portrait photography and of course we talked all about photography…and what do photographers do when they spend time together…..take photos of course! So here are a few of my faves of Carrie and her family!

Thank you so much for letting me stay with you and I hope I get to see you again in January!

Check out Carrie’s work by clicking HERE

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