Twitter Prize of the decade, Beignets and PPA

Now is the first time I have had a moment to sit and gather myself since the amazing trip to New Orleans for Imaging USA. I always love going to this conference every year. I come back excited and ready to revamp my business and run out with my camera and start photographing everything! This trip was especially wonderful, not only was it in New Orleans, a city that I particularly love, but I was able to spend time with great friends and see some old friends again from across the country!

Now every class is filled with hundreds of eager students ready to learn from those that speak at the conference. I listened to great photographers like Jerry Ghionis, Zach and Jody Gray, and Robert Evans. It is customary for them to give prizes at the end of the sessions and I never win these things. I know everyone always says this but it is really true for me! I never win something for free and as the Robert Evans session came to a close he began to give away things like DVDs, music licenses, and the like. Then at the end he gives away a one hour critique session for one lucky gal. One really lucky gal!!! Me! What?!? All I had to do was twitter, that’s all, just twitter in a room of hundreds of others twittering to win this awesomeness and somehow in the sea of short statuses he called my name! This is Robert Evans! Maybe you have seen one of his wedding photos before, like the ones he took of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes! Yes! He was their wedding photographer and he is going to spend an hour chatting with me about my work!!!!! So excited! We actually ran into him again the next day in our hotel lobby and I expressed to him how excited and thankful I am!

We spent the afternoons sipping coffee and munching on beignets in Jackson Square. We walked and walked and walked. I loved photographing the street performers and we even ran into Steve Jones the X Factor host!! What a crazy week! I loved it! Enjoy a ton of photos from the week and I will post a few more in the days to come!

We often had lunch guests fly to join us!

Did I mention that I loved photographing the street performers? We spent an entire day running around dropping money in hats just for the opportunity to take their photos. We nearly went broke there were so many performers up and down the French Quarter!

I loved this place so much I somehow managed to stop by 3 times in the 5 days we were there!


I love the girls getting excited over their cameras at the Cafe’

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